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Only products displayed in the English version are available for international shipping. We plan to expand the list of supported products in due course.

Thank you for your understanding.

・PAYMENT: Credit card only

The following cards are accepted.


When you place an order, after you have entered all of your information, please enter the necessary information on the credit card payment processing screen.

All of your important credit card information will be encrypted before transmission.


1. Shipping Charges

The shipping cost will differ depending on the items in your cart.

Please understand this beforehand.

2. Delivery company


3. About delivery

Please allow extra time for product delivery.

Delivery date cannot be specified.

Please note that items may not be available due to shared inventory with our store.

Shipping services are available only on weekdays Japan time.

Please understand this in advance.

4. About gift wrapping

There is no gift wrapping service.


We generally DO NOT accept returns or exchanges of ordered items.

Please consider carefully before placing your order.

Just in case, if you wish to return a defective product due to scratches, stains, etc.、

Please copy the following, enter the content and send it to this e-mail address.


Subject: 【国外返品】Return Request

Main body of email:


・Email address:

・Order number: #

・Name of product you wish to return:

・Item number of product you wish to return:

・Item color of product you wish to return:

・Item size of product you wish to return:

・Reason for requesting a return:

・Please attach a photo of the item in its current condition.

*Please take a photo including any accessories such as tags, etc.

*Worn or used items will not be accepted.

We will check your e-mail and only if we approve it, we will e-mail you back with return instructions.

*Within 7 days of receipt of items.

*Please make sure you have our domain name's permission to receive our messages.

*If items are returned without notification, we will not be able to reship the item or provide a refund.

Please understand this in advance.


We do our best to display inventory on this web site in real time, but due to a time lag caused by a rush of orders, there may be a slight delay in updating inventory, However, due to a time lag caused by a rush of orders, there may be a slight delay in updating the inventory.

In this case, you will be notified by our staff that the item is sold out even after you have completed your order. Please understand this in advance.


We will enclose a statement of your purchase delivery.


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The setting method varies depending on the browser and version, but below are the settings for typical browsers.

How to set cookie to “Enabled”

1. PC

Windows Internet Explorer:

Select "Internet Options" from the "Tools" menu.

Select the "Privacy" tab and click the "Advanced" button.

Check "Override automatic cookie processing" and select "Accept" for "First-party cookie" and "Third-party cookie”.

Click “OK”.

Macintosh Safari:

From the "Safari" menu, select “Preferences”.

Select the "Privacy" tab, then select "No" under "Block Cookie”.

2. Smart phone

iPhone Safari:

Select "Settings" from the home screen, then select “Safari”.

Select "Block cookie" and then choose "Always allow", "Allow visited websites", or "Allow only websites being accessed”.

Android Google Chrome:

Launch "Chrome" and select Menu.

Select "Settings" and then select "Site Settings”.

Select “Cookie”.

Enable "Allow sites to store and read cookie data" and check "Allow third-party cookie”.

*Operation methods and display names may differ depending on the version and model.